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I am excited to offer the latest in Aura and Chakra scanning!


Introducing an interactive, multimedia biofeedback aura imaging system!  It is built on the principles, studies and science of biofeedback, color psychology, human energy fields and mind-body knowledge.

In short, it captures your aura, chakras and related data, processes it and then displays results in real-time!


The aura camera uses a hand biosensor to measure biofeedback data. You simply place your hand on the sensor and the electro-dermal activity (electrical conductivity) and temperature of the skin of the hand is measured in real-time. It is then processed and correlated and displayed as an aura image of your energetic activity on a computer screen.  The aura image displayed is a representation of your bio-energetic field, emotional-energetic state, and energetic wellness – components that help you measure the health of your internal, spiritual self.


Now available by appointment at Arabella Spa and Salon.  Call or text 920-265-7245 to reserve your time slot!