A Little Bit About Me

As a child I saw Spirit. I would tell my mom about the figures in the hallway and she would dismiss them as a part of my imagination. I would bury my head under the blankets and try to fall asleep. This was rarely successful since I knew they were still there, except I couldn't see them from under my blankets.

I can't seem to recall a time that I have ever been truly alone. Even in a room with no other people I had companionship of some sort. Spirit has always been with me through this journey.

Hard to believe (heavy sarcasm) but I have never been what people would call "normal". Being brought up Catholic I would sit in church as a child and wonder why the priest was the only one who could bless the Communion gifts. I wondered why he had to hear my sins in the confessional in order for me to be forgiven (after the right amount of prayers had been prayed). I pondered why, only boys could be altar boys and only men could be priests. And mostly ... I wondered why a priest, a mere man, was my go-between to get to God.

That natural curiosity and inclination to question everything, has led me down a path of seeking the truth. I have been on a spiritual journey since my early 20's that has confirmed that the world is not just what we see with the human eye. I have studied religions, their origins, and many things related. I have asked countless questions to countless people and have realized ... that no one really knows the whole truth. Nor do I. However ... I will keep searching until I find more and more of it.

Along this journey I found wonderful teachings including Reiki and Shamanism. I have met people who amaze me with their knowledge and gifts, as well as people who have called me a witch. Either way I take these experiences and use them to grow. My curiosity and thirst for truth still has no end!

Now, as an adult, those Spirits in the hallway aren't scary at all. In fact, they have a message. They are divine. They are love. They are light. Just like each of us. I see that now.

I encourage you to ask questions ... about everything! Dig deeper, go inside yourself, search outside, reach to the ends of the universe and find the truth. If it's not the ultimate truth you seek ... then find YOUR truth.