A safe place for like minded people to enhance their lives through light work

  Light Minded People

  Brenda Frisque

Light Minded People
is located inside
Arabella Spa and Salon!
2140 Holmgren Way
Suite 101

Green Bay, WI 


Services Include:

Reiki Healing Session
Includes Pure Reiki Energy, Chakra balancing, and a clearing of any un-useful energy.  Reiki can focus on a specific area of concern or be utilized for overall healing.  Most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation and pain relief. 

Infrared Amethyst Healing Mat Session
Escape into healing & relaxation as you lay in a cloud of healing energy.  Surrounded by comfort & healing music, the waves of heat will permeate to your core.  Experience relief of muscle pain, spasms, strains, fatigue & stress. Infrared therapy helps to fight sickness, enhance lymphatic drainage, encourages serotonin, improves metabolism, blood circulation & your immune system.  Protects from harmful electromagnetic fields.  Directs negative ions directly into the body.

Sound Healing Session 
An overall balancing for the whole body, mind, & spirit utilizing specific tuning forks & crystal singing bowls. This includes the Chakra, Sacred Solfeggio, & Angelic tuning forks. The Chakra set tones the physical energies. Sacred Solfeggio tones the mental & emotional energies. The Angelic set is for spiritual balancing. The singing bowls are specifically tuned to the 7 main chakras in the body.  Experience all-encompassing healing vibrations while you relax on a heated Infrared Amethyst mat.

Aura and Chakra Scan with Photo Keepsake
Precise and effective aura photography using a state-of-the-art Bio-Sensor for crystal clear energy readings.  Stunning 3D Aura and Chakra Images displayed in real-time!  See your results instantly and go home with a printed photo keepsake.

Prenatal Reiki
A gentle healing energy for both you and baby.  We feature a belly bolster so that expectant mothers can safely and comfortably rest on their stomachs.  Most expectant moms find the greatest benefit when seen once a week. 

Chakra Balancing
A balancing, clearing and rotating of your 7 main energy centers utilizing Pure Reiki Energy.  Grounding done at the conclusion of the session will leave you ready to face the day!

All inclusive, 90 minute session includes:
- An Aura & Chakra Scan with Photo Keepsake
- 75 min on the Amethyst Infrared Healing Mat
- Reiki
- Chakra Balancing and Clearing
- Tuning Forks, Drumming and Singing Bowls
- Crystal and Essential Oil Therapy

Book online at www.vagaro.com or call or text 920-265-7245


Additional Services :

Reiki Trainings and Attunements

Learn Dr. Usui's teachings on Reiki and become attuned to Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 and Masters Level.  I will guide you through the process of healing both your physical and energetic Being with Reiki Light and Love.


Reiki 1 Training and Attunement 

Reiki 2 Training and Attunement

Reiki 3 Training and Attunement 

Reiki Masters Course 

***Each level must be completed before moving on to the next***


Call or text to inquire about dates. 920-265-7245