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  Brenda Frisque

Services Offered

Reiki Trainings and Attunements

Learn Dr. Usui's teachings on Reiki and become attuned to Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 and Masters Level.  I will guide you through the process of healing both your physical and energetic Being with Reiki Light and Love.



Reiki 1 Training and Attunement - $150 per person

Reiki 2 Training and Attunement - $175 per person

Reiki 3 Training and Attunement - $200 per person 

Reiki Masters Course - $200 per person 

***Each level must be completed before moving on to the next***


Due to the nature of these classes, I can only teach them in person.   (Green Bay, Wisconsin area)  Send me a personal message about dates and locations.

Additional Services (Via Phone conversation)

The following services are the same cost (see below) and all done via phone unless special arrangements are made.  I am frequently asked how a session can be handled over the phone.  It helps to think of a radio.  When you turn the dial or press the button a new station comes on.  This is a lot like that.  I simply "tune in" to your frequency.  The same can be said for communicating with anyone, anywhere That is how I facilitate the following.

Communicating with those who have crossed over

Our loved ones are still accessible after their body has ceased to function.  Who they are, their Being, is still intact.  Leaving the physical world is not the end.  It is simply a shedding of the physical form.  


Animal Communication

Do you ever wonder what your animal companion is trying to tell you?  Wonder no more!  Just like talking to those who have crossed over, animals communicate in much the same way.  Most have an extensive vocabulary and opinions of their own.  And yes, they do understand us ... better than you might imagine. 


Chakra and Energy Work

Everyone has energy centers in their body called Chakras.  When any of these Chakras become unbalanced or "dirty" , we can feel off.  In a Chakra session  I will balance, rotate and cleanse your energy centers so that you can move forward with a clear mind and rejuvenated spirit!  Many times while doing this work your guides will step forward to assist and sometimes have messages to deliver.   

Space Clearing and Cleansing

Sometimes Spirit doesn't cross over after their body has passed away.  Either they don't know they are deceased, or they know but choose to stay in the realm of Earth.  Whatever their reason for remaining here, I can facilitate a gentle and loving journey to the assist in their transition.  

Services except Reiki classes and attunements are priced at $60 an hour with a 30 minute minimum.


In Person Services
You can now find me at Arabella Spa and Salon!
2140 Holmgren Way

Green Bay, WI 


Services Include:                                                                     

Reiki, The Works- Includes Pure Reiki Energy, Chakra clearing, and a clearing of any un-useful energy.  60Min $60


Simply Reiki - Enjoy a half hour of receiving Pure Reiki Energy.  30 Min $35


Simply Chakra - A balancing, clearing and rotating of your 7 main energy centers utilizing Pure Reiki Energy. 30 Min $35


Pregnancy Reiki - A gentle healing energy for both you a baby.  Most expectants moms find the greatest benefit when seen once a week.  30 Min $35 or 60 Min $50


Tuning Forks, The Works - An overall balancing for the whole body, mind and spirit using specific forks on different areas.  This includes the Chakra, Sacred Solfeggio, and Angelic tuning forks.  The Chakra set tones the physical energies.  Sacred Solfeggio tones the mental and emotional energies.  The Angelic is for spiritual balancing.  Essential oils may be used.  60 Min $50


Simply Tune - This session focuses on balancing seven Chakras; the main energy centers of the body.  Perfect session to experience the effectiveness of the tuning forks.  Essential oils may be used.  30 Min $35       

Book online at www.vagaro.com or call or text 920-265-7245